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Erase My Back Pain

oleh Ssregina Regina (2019-05-21)

Back pain due to bad posture could be corrected Erase My Back Pain via a lot of methods. The physical therapy makes the things easier, however; personal efforts are also required in order to overcome this problem earlier.The first time I saw my best mate rolling around on the floor on top of a piece of foam, I couldn't help laughing, but once she explained the impact that a few simple myofascial release exercises had had on her chronic back pain, I admit I was intrigued.Six months on, with a greatly improved posture and free from the continual shoulder and neck pain I was experiencing following many years hunched over a computer, I'm now a complete convert to myofascial release, and practise it at home every day.While it's very effective to undergo professional myofascial release therapy, where a deep tissue massage stretches the various layers of fascia, or connective tissue between the muscles, bones and joints, you can also achieve excellent results by practising self myofascial release at home for Self Myofascial ReleaseLet's take a look at some of the equipment available to help you practise self myofascial release, also known as SMFR.A foam roller is by far the most common piece of myofascial release equipment and is used to treat large muscles and areas of the body. Although it looks like a simple, cylindrical piece of foam, the roller needs to be dense enough to provide sufficient pressure on the fascia, without being hard enough to cause damage and bruisingA small exercise ball can be used in a similar way to a foam roller, but as it comes to a point it is useful for targeting smaller areas such as the biceps.