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Ageless Brain

oleh vathan diva diva (2019-06-01)

An IEP allows Ageless Brain Review accommodations to be allocated based on what grade level the child is working at presently, what goals need to be achieved and through what means. Every child with a learning disability should have one of these developed for them and it should be kept current. I attend a meeting every year to review my children's growth. Have they met or exceeded the criteria established for them? Is there still a problem area? If so, additional resources can be allocated to assist a child and help bring them up to class level. These resources might include one on one instruction with a special education teacher, or extra time to take a test - the same test all other students take, but special attention may be required to ensure the ADHD child understands what a test question is asking. Or, if a child simply needs to talk to someone, they have a counselor or a social worker they are provided access to.There are many possibilities and an annual review is but one way to ensure that the parent or parents, the teachers and staff are all on the same page. Further, if I notice a problem or positive growth in any area I, as the parent of children for whom IEP's have been developed and put in force, have the option to ask that a meeting be scheduled outside the normaltime frame of an annual review to address the problem area specifically, or to remove an accommodation that is no longer needed. There are federal laws in effect that provide both the children and the parents of those children the right to have special needs assessed and a plan of action developed to enable such afflicted children the opportunity to succeed.