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oleh gold stone (2019-06-01)

Fear is one of the tools of Manifestation Magic Review the devil to keep us in spiritual defeat, to keep us away from the calling that God has made in our lives (Romans 8:31). When we have to be a witness, our tongue becomes heavy, when we need to study we get drowsy and sleepy, or the distractions keep us away from the word, we are constantly distracted and prayer becomes confusing and crude. Fear is a lie which has no place in our hearts, and when it interferes with our life in Christ we should rebuke it and reject it out loud, to let Satan know that his machinations have been discovered and they no longer work.And as for talking or praying, if at first you cannot do it, write. I often follow the practice of writing my prayers, it gives me a way to reflect back on them and see how God has worked in my life... Ignorance is a major cause of spiritual defeat, men and women ready and hungry for the faith and for Christ Jesus are sometimes lost for lack of knowledge. (Hosea 4:6) been misled, they often end up sinning or in bondage to doctrines of demons, doctrines of men, or laws and traditions that are not from God.Ignorance causes fear, insecurity, and lack of faith. The way to combat this disease is by studying the word, by reading the Bible daily and praying to the Lord to give us insight and discernment, by being assembled in fellowship with brethrens who do the same and sharing the word with them, by researching and asking and learning. In every place and at any time there is an opportunity to learn something new. We must dare to be curious. And if our pastor is not teaching us, we should find someone who would. The pastor has the obligation to instruct his flock, if He is not, maybe you should consider discussing it with him or getting together with the brethren and establish a program among yourselves.If the pastor does not agree to establish a teaching program, and if He does not take any step to initiate a discipleship program, then maybe you need another pastor or another church. Those who do not know God cannot please God. Some people are not interested in knowing God, I suggest that this people reflect on their lives and see how God has intervened in them even when they may not want to admit it, through His creation and through the blessings they have received, in their homes, their families in their own flesh. https://discountdevotee.com/manifestation-magic-review/