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Total Thyroid

oleh vathan diva diva (2019-06-03)

Hypothyroidism is Total Thyroid Review caused by an underproduction of thyroid hormone. The most common symptoms are fatigue and feeling cold a lot while others around you are hot. You may also experience a loss of appetite, weight gain, muscle weakness and cramps, fertility problems, a yellow/orange colororation in your skin, recurrent infections, slow speech and swollen eyes. The thyroid gland is best described as your body' internal thermostat that regulates temperature by secreting 2 hormones. These hormones control how quickly your body burns calories and uses energy. If the thyroid secretes too much hormone, the result is hypothyroidism. Too little? Hyperthyroidism. Hypothyroidism affects mostly women causing recurring illness, fatigue and frustrating weight gain. Your doctor may do a blood test to measure your levels of thyroid hormone or thyroid-stimulating hormone known as TSH. This hormone is secreted by the pituitary gland and helps regulate thyroid hormone production. Many doctors believe that even a minuscule drop in thyroid function is a sign of an elevated TSH level. TSH levels rise when a person is in the early states of thyroid failure. You can test yourself for an underactive thyroid by keeping a thermometer by your bed. When you wake up in the morning, place the thermometer under your arm and hold it there for 15 minutes. Be still - do not move as any motion can upset your temperature reading. A temperature of 97.6 or lower may indicate an underactive thyroid. Measure your temperature for 5 days in a row and keep a log of your readings. Normally having a balanced lifestyle that includes the proper amount of rest, exercise and a healthy diet keeps your body healthy. However, there are still times that the unavoidable happens and you find yourself not at the peak of health. Thyroid problems can be one of these situations; fortunately there are many ways of finding thyroid disorder solutions and some do not involve any type of surgery or drugs.