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oleh dilli jack (2019-03-29)

This intelligent system plugs onto your fusebox to monitor the electromagnetic field in the wires coming from it, and uses a transmitter to send the information to the central hub. This then connects to the internet using your home router and gives you access to your electricity usage via an online dashboard, a handheld controller or smartphone app. The AlertMe hub can even talk to smart plugs, switching them on or off remotely.

If smart metering seems a bit too much effort, the PassivEnergy management system can cut your electricity bills with minimal effort. The system takes control of your central heating and hot water controls, with in-room thermometers and a wireless hub working to manage your energy consumption more efficiently. The initial set up involves telling the handheld controller about your normal home routine, such as preferred temperature and when you go to bed, but then it quickly starts to monitor what you do to learn your habits in detail.