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It is advisable to begin sleeping on your Herpes Blitz Protocol side with a pillow on your arms. Your position may change, but at least you have a good start.If nasal congestion is the cause of your snoring, make use of an antihistamine or decongestant as an impermanent measure.You can try taping the outside part of your nose with nasal strips before you sound asleep. Lifting and opening your nostrils is the best way to do this to improve airflow.Gargle with a peppermint mouthwash to reduce the size of the lining of your nose and throat.

To reduce nasal stuffiness, it is better to change your pillowcases and bed sheets from time to time. Vacuum the floor and change your curtains once in awhile also.Herbalists say that it is a good idea to drink nettle tea to sooth the inflammation brought about by pollen allergies.There are several mouthpiece devices that can actually be bought online. They have been considered as one effective means for snorers. They can even be good for those suffering from mild or moderate disruptive sleep apnea