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Gluco Neuro Blood Sugar Regulator

oleh Alisa lisa Sophia (2019-04-11)

Glucose metabolism is a good example of a Gluco Neuro Blood Sugar Regulator Review complicated chemical reaction that takes place between the chemicals in the food we eat and the chemicals in our bodies. A malfunction can occur at any point in glucose metabolism. If the chemicals in our cell membranes don't react properly with insulin, the chemical in our bodies responsible for helping our cells accept glucose from our food, we develop what we call diabetes. As a result, not all of the nutrients from our food enter our cells properly and we get an increase in blood sugar as a symptom because it isn't being taken up by our cells properly. Food has the ability to make radical changes in our physical bodies. This can be both good and bad, depending on what we eat. Food can affect our brain functioning, our mood, how well we think, how well we can recall stored memories, our propensity to develop cancerous tumors, and how well our cell membranes respond to insulin. After all, food is just organic chemicals that we put into our bodies each and every day. We start chemical reactions inside our bodies every time we eat. Unfortunately, food science in not taught in medical school. Moreover, the study of nutrition is not stressed in required coursework. The focus of modern medicine is on pharmaceuticals and medical procedures. The focus is not on the effect of food on our bodies. Things are beginning to change in this regard but it's "slow as molasses" as the old saying goes. You can think of food as very powerful chemicals that have the ability to reverse serious illnesses such as diabetes. In this sense, food is medicine. It really is that simple. However, you should also keep in mind that food can poison your body if you eat the wrong food, especially if you do so on a continual basis over a long period of time. When I was diagnosed with diabetes, my doctor immediately started talking about the various medications he could give me and how those medications might combine and interact. He then asked a nurse to talk with me about how to check my blood sugar. Neither of them talked to me about diet! Almost as an afterthought, the nurse did mention there were some free "diabetes nutrition classes" at the hospital I might be interested in taking. That's it. That is all that was said regarding food from my primary health care givers. Modern medicine is miraculous in some ways but both doctors and patients alike could learn from the ancient wisdom of Hippocrates. If you or your loved one has diabetes, it is very important for you to be pro-active in your own health care. For many people, it is possible to reverse diabetes by eating the right food. In fact, this can happen in a very short amount of time - just a few weeks to a few months.