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Retin A is one of the Hydrolift Review more popular brand names of tretinoin. It is a popular treatment for acne and recently is being used as a wrinkle treatment. So what is it and how does it work?Retin A is the acid form of vitamin A. It is a prescription medication either in cream or gel form. Dermatologists primarily use it to treat acne, blackheads, and whiteheads effectively. Recently it has been gaining popularity as a wrinkle treatment also.It is usually applied in a thin layer on the skin. It works by intensifying the rate of skin cell turnover which helps push out the clog in the skin pore. Some say that it also prevents the formation of new comedones or dead skin cells mixed with sebum that clogs skin pores and susceptible to bacteria leading to pimple formation.It has been also shown to improve wrinkles. Treatment of Retin A on wrinkles show results in about six weeks. Since it can speed up the turnover of skin cells, dead skin flakes off and newer, tighter skin is pushed to the surface. Younger skin usually has more collagen and is therefore more supple and firm. This results in less visible wrinkles.Aside from acne and wrinkles, tretinoin has been used also in one form of leukemia and also in emphysema in clinical studies with mice. However, more studies are still needed.Like all prescription medications, it has side effects and potential risks. Patients with sensitive skin experience redness, burning, itching and scaling. It also increases the risk of extreme sunburn.Hair removal like waxing during the course of tretinoin treatment should be avoided as skin might come off with the hair when it is pulled. Also, it can cause birth defects to the unborn child when used by pregnant women.Retin A treatment should be done only with and by a licensed medical practitioner and the patient should be careful to follow all instructions during the treatment. Treatment for acne may reach 6 to 9 weeks before results can be seen. Experts say that it would take about six months to notice results in wrinkle reduction.Tretinoin treatment is under the supervision of qualified dermatologists has been proven effective by intensifying the turnover of the skin which in the skin of older people or sun damaged skin may have gotten slower and uneven.There are however other ways to achieve healthier skin that is less acne prone and with balanced moisture level that prevents wrinkle formation. https://neighboursreview.com/hydrolift-review/