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Memory Hack

oleh ss Daniel Kamesh kamesh (2019-04-27)

On an individual level, Memory Hack Review while "miracles" can happen to us without any preparation at all, the likelihood for apparently impossible things to happen is far greater if we can fully utilize the magic of the mind-body-spirit connection. While our conscious minds analyze, and create limits, checks and boundaries to help us understand the world around us, our soul or spiritual self is attuned to the limitless nature of Creation. The more we align ourselves with our spiritual aspects, therefore, the more we are operating in the realm of the miraculous. As Marianne Williamson said: "While we are used to looking to all manner of external powers to "fix" us - from medicine to technology to money, etc. - there is today a resurgence of inner knowing that the powers of the spirit surpass the powers of the world."Here is a story that indicates the power of the spirit, and the unusual way prayer can work. When a friend was a young student, living in England, he missed the last bus home. After a few miles, he realized he was in the middle of nowhere. By then, it was freezing cold, pitch dark and raining. As a naturally spiritual person, he decided to pray. Typical of this person, he did not actually pray for help for himself but offered some prayers for peace. He did not want to be seen so he went behind a thick bush and was silently praying hard when he suddenly heard a voice say: "I'm not going to see you hiding behind the bush!" He came out from behind the bush and saw that a truck had pulled up and was offering him a lift. When he asked the truck driver how he knew he was there, he just winked and smiled knowingly.