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The Longevity Blueprint

oleh Alisa lisa Sophia (2019-04-30)

Another way to gather momentum is the power of completion. The Longevity Blueprint Review Every thing in your life that is incomplete is a draining force. It blocks your momentum, takes out the strength, and inhibits your ability to move forward to progress and improve. Is it easy to do? Yes, and it is also easy not to do. Take on incomplete projects one at a time. Baby steps will work for you completing what ever needs to be done. Each time you complete something, you can move on a little lighter load than you started. Habit's are often taken for granted. Behavior can turn into a habit if done over and over until it becomes automatic. It's hard to get rid of a habit you don't want by facing it head on. Accomplish this by replacing the unwanted habit with another habit you want. Build your habit's one step at a time. Some think that in order to be productive, you have to be busy. Take time to reflect your busy work in a journal where you can keep track of your actions. Those that achieve higher levels of productivity take time to reflect by working with a coach. What ever method you choose, take time to harness the power of reflection in your internet business. The power of reflection is important when you take the time to celebrate the positive steps that where taken. You will be able to feel and see these steps shifting in your favor. Success breeds on more success. Why are so many people around the world being inauthentic and suffering from The Problem? This lack of authenticity stems from a flawed belief system concerning the value and management of people that is outdated and simply wrong, at least in today's business environment. The flaw Jay Niblick's referring to is the lack of appreciation for the uniqueness and individuality of people. It is a flawed belief that finds the job as sacrosanct and the individual as sacrificial. It is a belief that the job's duties and responsibilities should remain fixed and the individual is the one who should change to better fit the job. Such beliefs are the primary cause of an individual becoming inauthentic and they lie at the very heart of the struggles we've been discussing. To understand this flawed belief system we need to consider their origin.