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oleh Ssregina Regina (2019-04-30)

Carnosine (Carn) occurs in high concentrations in Backyard Revolution Review muscle and is highly effective in buffering H+ over the physiological pH range. Carn is probably the only such active compound where the concentration can be changed by diet (or training). Synthesis of Carn occurs in muscle from ß-alanine (ß-ala) and histidine, of which the former is limiting. We have shown that supplementation with ß-ala for 4 and 10wk increases muscle Carn by ~60% and ~80% with significant increases in anaerobic exercise capacity (Harris et al 2006; Hill et al 2006). Muscle Carn is increased by chronic training (Parkhouse et al 1985; Tallon et al 2005). The effect of short-term training is less clear. Suzuki et al (2004) reported a doubling in the concentration with 8wk sprint-training (3 d/wk) in contrast to Mannion et al (1994) where no effect of 16wk isokinetic training (3 d/wk) was found. AIM To investigate the effect of ß-Ala supplementation on muscle Carn synthesis during a 10wk program of strength training. METHOD 26 male Vietnamese physical education students aged 20-26 yr, of normal body mass and height were recruited to the study.