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Zippy Loan

oleh Ssregina Regina (2019-05-02)

However, not all lenders follow the Zippy Loan Review principle of fairness and will stick very firmly to the contract that was initially drawn up. They will assert that the terms of the loan must be given a reappraisal if the customer is looking to cancel a single premium policy. Nonetheless, the customer is entitled to follow the terms of the loan as they stand, with no interference from the lender to the contrary. Customers who find themselves in a tricky situation with their lender should contact the Office of Fair Trading to seek advice on how to deal with the matter fairly and to secure their best interests.If a customer does track down a deal that they feel suits their needs more adequately then they are fully permitted to cancel their single premium policy, and in so doing, the terms of their loan must be kept exactly the same, repayments must be allocated where they are rightly due and the customer must be given the opportunity to look over and review the lender's calculations to ensure that all aspects of the information they are being given is correct and that they are receiving the amount that is owed to them so as to embark on their new policy with no problems being carried over from their initial policy cover.Given the problems that can be incurred from the sale of single premium policies in terms of the complications faced by consumers upon trying to extricate themselves from such a policy, the Office of Fair Trading are considering putting a ban on allocating them altogether to avoid any future discrepancies between lenders and customers. Essentially, customers should always put themselves and their requirements first and are advised to always ascertain which is the best deal on offer to them at any one time.