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A wide range of treatment Inteligen Review options for attention deficit hyper disorder are available to choose from. These treatments focus on controlling ADHD symptoms and improving personal and social functioning.Psychotherapy treatments for ADHD include behavioral therapy, family therapy, and social skills training, among others. Dietary modification and vitamin supplementation are also options worth considering, given its simplicity and cost-effectiveness. Yoga is also said to aid in gaining balance and focus, reducing ADHD symptoms noticeably.In terms of medical management, stimulants are commonly given to control attention deficit hyper activity disorder symptoms. These are given to help the patient focus, thereby increasing ability to learn and work. Examples of stimulants commonly used in the treatment of ADHD include Ritalin, Concerta, and AdderallA major concern, however, in the use of stimulant drugs for the treatment of ADHD is the potentially dangerous side effects it causes, ranging from mild to life-threatening. Common side effects are restlessness, anxiety, weight loss, anorexia, sleep pattern disturbance, and growth retardation. Some of the detrimental side effects include heart-related problems, interference with normal brain development, and possibility for abuse and addiction.Cases of dementia and Alzheimer's Disease are on the rise, which of course we already know. But numbers are surprising. Nearly 20% of those over 80 suffer from dementia. Nearly half of those over 85 contract Alzheimer's Disease.There are may early indicators of Alzheimer's Disease, and olfactory dysfunction is thought to be one of them. While aromatherapy is not a cure for the disease, smell and touch are powerful messengers and signals that can penetrate the "fog" of dementia and Alzheimer's in a way that words and other forms of communication or recognition cannot.Many studies have been and are continuing to be done on the effects of specific essential oils used in aromatherapy and how they "connect" with those with dementia and Alzheimer's. Many of these studies have been done in institutional settings such as nursing homes. In 1995 a researcher by the name of Flanagan reported on one experiment used with a combative patient who required sedation injections for his own good and the good of care givers. He changed dramatically when a simple cotton ball with essential oil of lavender was pinned to his shirt. He improved to the point he no longer needed the injections. https://healthinfluencer.net/inteligen-review/