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Have You Lost Your Focus?

oleh vathan diva diva (2019-05-11)

How do I add this successful 7 Day Prayer Miracle morning routine to my schedule?You may need to get up a little earlier. You may be able to add this into your routine with just a few changes to your current routine. The important thing is having 30 minutes to an hour of quiet time to reflect. If you enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning, add a little bit of time to that. A morning jog or shower are other times that allow the mind to think.

What does success look like to you?The key to achieving your goals and dreams is to start your morning with a success mindset. Review your goals both short term and long. Mentally visualize yourself after you have accomplished your goals. Imagine what you are feeling after your goals are achieved.Are you ready to write?

Write down your goals as if they already realized, like "I have X job," or "I have plenty of money" Also make certain they are positive, rather than "I have lost x pounds" use "I am my ideal weight." This seemingly strange practice helps make your success even more real in your mind. Enjoy the feeling of success and achievement.

Do you need to make changes to your goals?After enjoying your feeling of success, retrace the path you took to get there. This will allow you to make modifications to your current plans so you can achieve your big goals. Some of your small goals or current plans may actually be steps away from your dreams, so decide if the steps are necessary or important. But this morning visualization will help lead you on the path towards your dreams.