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oleh willam princy (2019-05-18)

You might be shocked to discover that your own thought patterns Manifestation Magic are sabotaging your success. I've coached many people to do this simple exercise:Keep a log of your thoughts for 24 hours. Every hour or so during your day, do a mental check in and observe the kinds of thoughts that you are thinking and jot them down. At the end of the day, take a look at your thought patterns. What do you see? Are the thoughts you are thinking leading you to your desired outcomes OR do you find that you've got a streams of thought are shutting your confidence down? Even the most optimistic people who do this exercise discover what thoughts they are thinking that are "holding" them back on a project, relationship or new endeavor.

Change your thoughts... change your outcomes. Be willing to challenge your negative, timid, scary thoughts such as "this will never work" The recession is "killing" my business, "people aren't buying these days", etc etc and try challenging those beliefs/thoughts and replacing them with versions of: "I can do this", "there is a solution", I am looking forward to increasing my cash flow" I am open to noticing and acting on new opportunities"I promise you that becoming more aware and responsible for your own patterns of thought will bring you results. So go for it and direct your brain to support your success, not sabotage it.