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oleh rohini matthew (2019-03-28)

Researchers have recently discovered that natural, healthy living water has several vital properties, including a certain molecular shape and ph which are Gaias Protocol Rewiew necessary to properly hydrate our cells. Early 1900's famous scientist Victor Schauberger create the term "living water" after he discovered that natural hexagonal, snowflake like water clusters are found in healing waters around the world, and that this geometrical structural is what gives the water its healing properties. Some of the famous healing springs such as Lourdes, Vichy, Evian and Perrier in France, have remarkable effects on hearts, liver and kidney ailments, skin diseases, asthma, digestive disorder and other illness. In pristine places called 'longevity village", people live to the age of 100 and beyond in remarkably good health. One factor responsible for this remarkable health and longevity was the water from the melted ice and snow of the Himalayas. Since freezing is one of nature's regenerative mechanisms, snow water is one of the healthiest forms of water. It naturally has the vital properties and forms small hexagonal clusters.