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Provisine Supplement Reviews

oleh maya justin (2021-02-01)

Just because these lumps go away without treatment doesn’t mean that there aren’t natural remedies for these common eye problems that will ease the symptoms in the meantime. The best way to alleviate a stye is to use a warm compress. This compress will also help to open up the glands so that the stye can heal and drain quicker. Use a warm and wet compress, such as a cloth damp with lukewarm water, on the affected eye for five to 10 minutes. For the best and most effective results, do this three to six times a day until the stye has healed. It’s very important that during the healing process you do not try to pop the stye yourself. It isn’t like a pimple, even though it may look like one. Let it open on its own. It’s also important not to wear eye makeup during this time. If your stye does not go away within a week or the chalazion grows to impair your vision, a doctor may need to drain the lump. Do not attempt to do this on your own.