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oleh eva liko (2019-05-16)

So, this seems like an obvious one… but the tip I have is how to get SO much perfume for free! Well, one way is to get samples at Sephora. They will put any perfume you want into a little spray bottle and label it for you. Second, (and this is what I do) is buy a Sephora Perfume Sampler when they have them. Sephora always has these trial perfume kits with about 7-10 little mini perfumes (not the small spray bottle size, but bigger) that actually last me about a month since I don’t wear perfume every single day. The thing that makes these THE BEST is that it comes with a coupon for a free full size perfume of your choice from the box set. I wait until they have a sample box that has the perfume sample I want in full size anyway. Last year I got to try lots of new perfumes which I throw in my bag for travel and got a full size Burberry Body to keep at home. The box set is less than the full size perfume I chose, so I saved money and got loads of perfume that lasted me all year. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vwWqU5mpojI