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Hair Juice Accelerator

"ebisi mark" (2018-11-26)

Some asanas of Yoga is quite beneficial in prevention of Hair loss and Hair fall. Yoga augment blood circulation into the head and scalp region thereby strengthen hair root internally. Asanas like Shirsasana and Sarvangasana enhances blood circulation to the head and scalp region thereby facilitate hair growth. Massage your head region with coconut oil or Vitamin E oil prevent hair loss. Massage your scalp with Camphor + Coconut oil strengthen the root hair and prevent hair loss Massage with the mix of honey and egg yolk is quite beneficial in the management of hair loss. Slow massage of the scalp portion stimulate blood circulation and helps in re-grow of hair. If you want shining hair, use the mix of Amla, Shikaki powder and curd. This mixture helps to clean the pores of the scalp and stimulate hair growth.