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Manifestation Review

oleh rohini matthew (2019-02-02)

Those in spirit make every effort to get our attention through signs and in so gentle and non-threatening ways that we miss many of the subtlemessages. Manifestation Review Cues can include a ringing in the ears, a fleeting image of movement in our peripheral vision, dream appearances and waking signs. On occasion, a spirit will make a grand entrance when perhaps we have been slow to pay attention. One story that comes to mind is that of a recently deceased father who made his presence known in an unusual way. When Betty's father died, she took home his video camera and left it on a shelf in her living room. One night as she and her family sat watching TV, the camera suddenly began to whir and hum: her father's camera had turned on by itself. Although Betty wondered whether her father was responsible, she became convinced later that same night when two smoke detectors in the home began beeping the warning beep associated with a low battery. When she opened up the detectors, however, she realized there were no batteries inside. Betty took this as a friendly safety message from her father who routinely used to remind the family to keep smoke detectors in working order.