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No BS Manifesting Course

oleh willam princy (2019-02-13)

I have mentioned elsewhere that I grew up in a strict Christian No BS Manifesting Course Review cult and I believed in it quite fanatically for some time. I had to repress underlying doubts in order to do this, blaming the Devil for inserting them into my mind. The Devil is an amazing character, able apparently to cause problems for the Almighty Himself. How can the Almighty be all mighty if he can't beat the Devil? Of course we believed that God was just biding his time before eventually casting him into Hell along with a huge number of his unfortunate children. I cannot now see how such a scenario is even considered as a possibility, yet many thousands of people still do. Many of my former friends are convinced that I will be joining said Devil in that eternal punishment.

There are many sources of communications from higher dimensions than ours which tell us consistently that the Devil does not exist. Those who have had near-death-experiences all see this as a reality. There are numberless communications from genuine psychic mediums that tell the exact same story. The books by Michael Newton, who gathered information from people hypnotised into the superconscious, tell the same story. That is at least three different approaches to the subject producing the same evidence, and there are more.