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oleh rohini matthew (2019-05-15)

It is doing this to protect you. There is little point reflecting in all the glory of you if there is a big threat coming your way or your weaknesses are Brainwave Shots Reviewgoing to be your downfall. You have to do something about them. However, your mind often overdoes its work here and gets quite extreme about your faults and plays down the many wonderful strengths you have.Take a grip on your story of you and write down some of the key attributes both good and bad. Now look at them and start to see how full of fictions, assumptions and interpretations they are. Your height is a fact but what people think of you or where you fit in the pecking order of the world are usually just interpretations you make or have been given by someone else. Weed out those that are not helping you succeed and replace them with equally true attributes of you. 'People don't like me' can be changed to 'Paul and Sandra really enjoy being with me' and so on.