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Member Xxl Review

oleh willam princy (2019-05-16)

Stimulate yourself and continue concentrating on the bodily Member Xxl sensations. Stroke yourself until you have an erection. Stop stimulating for a minimum of 15 seconds. Focus on decreasing the exciting sensations you feel instead. Take note on how the penis and pelvis feel when the stimulation stops.

Start the stroking again until you almost get to the tickling sensation. When the tickling sensation feels close, stop to establish control of yourself. You may lose the erection. Just start all over again until you get excited.Do the stop/start exercise three times. Do this exercise daily. This will allow you to have more control over ejaculation. Stimulate yourself just before reaching the tickling point then withdraw stimulation until you are able to control yourself. Do the exercise all over again for six times. These exercises for premature ejaculation can build your self control over time and you will be able to hold yourself longer.