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Mind System Secrets Review

oleh willam princy (2019-05-17)

I came across a Japanese proverb that relates to two of the four Mind System Secrets pillars of my Common Sense Success System: clarity and purpose of direction and commitment to taking personal responsibility for your life and success.

The whole process of pursuing our goals, and making changes in our lives, can be likened to a fight for freedom. We are, wether we realize it or not, looking for one of the following outcomes,If you haven't already, have a quick think about your goals. Are you trying to escape (move away from) something, or are you proactively striving to achieve (move toward) something.If we are engaged in a 'fight for freedom' who are our enemies? what stops us from achieving our goals, and making the changes we wish to make? Mostly, the enemy is habit. Habitual thinking, habitual actions habits that have dug themselves in and are hard to move.