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Kinetic Attraction

oleh Jency William (2019-02-04)

Are you ready to take the next Kinetic Attraction Review step with that great guy you've been seeing, and become a couple? Do you know what to do when you realize that you want more than casual dating? When you feel ready to commit, how do you find out if he feels the same without scaring him off? When you want to move on from dating, and become a couple, that's a big step, and here are some tips on how to proceed. First, remember to be yourself. That means not just following your feelings of the moment, but staying in touch with your whole self. You might not be able to think of anything but him right now, but there's more to you than this love interest. Force yourself to focus on other things, like work, friends, family, and hobbies. If you try to spend every minute with your guy, you'll lose touch with yourself. You will also get wrapped up in pleasing him. This isn't healthy for you or your relationship. It also might make you appear needy to him, which will push him away, instead of bringing him closer. Second, remember to let him help set the pace. Your guy is just as much a part of this decision as you are. No matter how hard you're falling, or how much you might want to become a couple right now, you can't force his feelings. He might just be taking things slowly. If you try to force the pace, you'll put undue pressure on him. This is bound to backfire on you. Men are often understandably worried about being pushed into commitment before they are ready. If you give him some space, he'll be more likely to decide on his own that he wants you in his life. While it is sometimes possible to get a guy to commit by threatening to leave, be careful. If you honestly want to move on if you find out he's not ready, then your feelings are justified. But ultimatums are the ultimate pressure. Instead, remind yourself that a strong relationship happens when both people reach decisions together.