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No BS Manifesting Course

oleh Jency William (2019-02-11)

I am sure you have heard the phrase " Becoming No BS Manifesting Course Review One with the Universe"? Maybe we should say "One with the Earth". If we think of the Schumann Resonance as the Earth's Alpha Wave, then by increasing our Alpha activity we are becoming more in tune with the Earth, more at Oneness. By increasing our 8 Hz Alpha Waves we are connecting to the Earths natural Alpha Wave. And by doing that we are connecting to every other person also connecting to the Earth's Alpha. We are creating a world wide Alpha harmonic, a world wide interconnection. We are creating a connection with the Earth, a connection with all mankind, a connection with GOD. Do you get stressed out easily by life? Baffled by the actions of others (which I admit can often be bewildering)? Caught up in life's dramas? Do you wish you could be more calm when things seem to go wrong? I have often wondered why it is that some people see connections in life, between events and people, and others just don't. Have you ever noticed that? It's not always easy but when 'stuff' happens in life, some people focus in on the detail of it, and often allow themselves to become a victim of it. While others are able to stand back, a little more detached, and be less affected by it somehow. If you have ever been able to do this to any extent you may have noticed that others often look at you like you're mad because you are able to seemingly 'see' reason behind it that they can't. Previously I have thought that my interpretation and understanding of events within a bigger picture was because I had a more philosophical or spiritual approach to life. In the past I have heard those who are unable to see this reasoning described as 'new souls', inferring that they had a lot to learn on their 'spiritual' journey. But I don't think that is the whole story. I found this quote today from Deepak Chopra, and it started me thinking.