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keto 900 Review

oleh Jency William (2019-02-11)

Everyone today wants to ramp up their keto 900 belly fat loss efforts, right? After all, having fat on your belly looks worse than having it in any other place on your body, so you're probably most concerned about that. But is it really possible to experience belly fat loss, such as what many people today call "spot reducing"? You see, spot reducing is one of the most widely known and oldest myths in the fitness industry. I know a very famous person who sells millions of dollars worth of products each year that said something like "fat only accumulates in the places you don't move." He's completely and utterly 100% wrong! While the rest of the book was great, this quote really bothered me because of how deceptive it is. Those kind of sentences are the reasons why people think doing 500 sit ups per day is going to make them experience belly fat loss. But guess what happens after months and months of doing this? Nothing! And if they do this they're going to put less effort into the things that actually work, and not lose weight because of it. But there is one small exception. There was a study done that measured belly fat loss in folks who performed high intensity interval training, and it showed that those people lost a slightly larger amount of abdominal fat than in other areas. However, that's only 1 study and there are so many confounding variables (those can that skew the data) that it's hard to say exactly why that happened. To keep it simple for you, just understand that belly fat loss doesn't happen faster than fat loss anywhere else in your body. Just focus on losing fat and building some muscle and everything will fall perfectly in place for you. I have read what I consider to be the best weight loss programs on the market. It took me awhile to find them, but in the end it was completely worth the money.