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Water Freedom System Review

oleh Nishish Sandy (2019-03-28)

Trust your inner voice. We all have a guiding force inside that lets us know when we are in danger or in love. Water Freedom System If we ask, this same voice speaks to us about much more subtle things also. "Am I in the right job?", "Is this person benefiting me right now?", "Is there a better way for me to work though this situation?", "Do I really want that last donut?" Even though we are being taught to look outside ourselves, reclaim your connection to your inner voice and take advice from the only person who really knows you. You.Experience the freedom of a clear request. Communication is the place where many of our relationships become tangled up. Many women are taught that they shouldn't ask for what they want, and are surprised when they don't get it. First, get clear in yourself about what you want to have happen and why. Then make a clear request of the person you want it from. Explain that the request can be accepted, denied, or counter offered. Lastly, be prepared for any of these choices to come back to you. This form of communication gives both parties equal footing from which they can express themselves.Our first two foods are water and air.We develop in a nourishing pool of water and the first thing we do, even before we cry, is to take a big deep breath. Our bodies are made up of 70% water, and water is essential for our bodies to work all the way down to the cellular level. Oxygen fills our lungs and is sent throughout out our bodies to bond with the cells that make up our brain, heart, and nervous system. Drink plenty of water each day and take regular intervals of 10 deep breaths starting at the beginning of the day.
Cara Michele Nether is a licensed acupuncturist, wellness educator, author, public speaker, author, NADA registered trainer and the founder of Women in Wellness and

Ear Acupuncture Resources. Ear Acupuncture Resources provides education and training around the use of the National Acupuncture Detoxification Associations 5 needle

protocol for addictions, trauma, and stress management. Cara Michele is also the founder of Women in Wellness, an oriental medicine based practice that focuses on

moving baggage that prevent women from seeing their strength, potential and higher calling as a way of creating ease and wellness in life. She is a faculty member of

Tai Sophia Institute for the Healing Arts and a black belt in the Japanese marital art of Aikido.