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The Lost Book Of Remedies

oleh rohini matthew (2019-04-03)

It is better to leave than court disaster. If you live out of the way and there are no houses for miles and only one road near by, then you may The Lost Book Of Remedies Review be safe.If your neighborhood is empty, check the houses of neighbors and friends. If you know they have gone, and will not return. Feel free to take perishable and canned foods. You can leave them a note if you feel like a thief. Do not break into a fortified home. There may be someone there with a gun. The main thing is to expand your food supply. Local small stores and grocery stores that are abandoned become a source, but will not offer great foods. The good food like chili and other canned meals will go first. Some items will be foods that you do not like, either leave them or learn to like them. Survival is the game. Look for flower, sugar, salt, and anything that you can use to live short term and long term. If a can good has a label and you can use, take it. If it does not have a label, take it, but be prepared to have some unhappy surprises.