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Becoming Limitless

oleh willam princy (2019-04-05)

I've been down those hard roads, had hard times, experienced pain Becoming Limitless and suffering, and I can say from experience, that no matter what happens, every human being does have the inner ability to live joyfully ---if they just make that choice every single day.

I won't make a laundry list of failures here or a shopping list of "wow, I survived that", but I'll say only this, you have it in you. You can do it! You have the same ability that the next guy has, you have the ability to change your life right now, in this moment.

Change your choices. Make good choices. And if you already are making those good choices, then make great choices. And if you are happy that you are already doing that, then realize how much you have to be thankful for, and continue to live joyfully, every day.