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Awaken The Species Review

oleh Nishish Sandy (2019-04-06)

There are essentially two kinds of people in the world, doers and non-doers. Doers do and thus, get things done; Awaken The Species whereas non-doers never do much more than think about doing and thus rarely, if ever, get anything done. Those who get things done get what they want, while those who don't, well, quite simply, don't. Here's how to become an action person, a doer who gets things done and gets what you want.More often than not, though it may not always look so to the casual observer, action people are highly organized. They appear to move almost effortlessly from one task to the next without missing a beat and, at day's end, usually have more energy than when they started because of the momentum they built up over the course of the day.
Non-action people, on the other hand, are usually highly disorganized. They spend their entire day stumbling around from one thing to another, without purpose, and, as a result, come day's end, are totally exhausted and clueless as to where their day went. Equating busyness with accomplishment, they often think they're getting things done, when, in truth, they're not, at least not anything of significant importance.
The essential key to becoming an action person is organization and the quickest and easiest way to get yourself organized for action, whether it's at home or work, is to make yourself a short, simple, prioritized to-do list on a daily basis for the following day. The operative key words here being short, simple, and prioritized.
Keep it short by limiting yourself to just a couple of tasks you'll feel good about having accomplished. Keep it simple by choosing tasks that can be done in a relatively brief period of time. Prioritize it by asking yourself which of the items on your list you'll feel best about having accomplished and making that the first item on your list.
Personally, as a general rule, I limit my daily to-do lists to two (max!), vision-critical tasks, things that are absolutely vital to getting what I want, and I prefer tasks on my daily to-do lists to be things I can accomplish in just a matter of minutes.