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oleh willam princy (2019-04-08)

I am joyful when working my business. Whether working with a Subliminal360 Review client, writing a blog post, or planning future projects, I am enjoying where I am at and what I am doing. I have decided to focus on what I LOVE doing in my business more and focus less on what frustrates or overwhelms me. So moving forward I will pay someone to manage my web site since that is a source of stress for me. And yes, we can all do everything but why do it when that task sucks the joy right out of your work or day or life?

When what I am doing is no longer enjoyable, I take a break until I can return to it without frustration. Of course there are certain aspects of our work or business that we like less than other but if I can focus on the result of my actions which will bring more joy instead of the doing which may be boring or frustrating I will get the job done. For the tasks that always cause frustration or overwhelm - I pay someone else to do them.

Finally, the life I am continuing to create for my family brings me such joy. I didn't know I could have such joy and contentment as a divorced mother of two running my own business. It didn't just happen that way, I actively created it. I decided on what I truly wanted present in my daily life - love, happiness, peace and contentment. Then I looked at what was keeping me from what I wanted. Then the rest was up to me to change the way I interacted with my ex, my family, my children and my business. Small changes can have a large impact. So as I sit on my back deck, enjoy the early morning with a cup of coffee and the birds chirping I know I have a lot to be grateful for!