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Awaken The Species Review

oleh rohini matthew (2019-04-08)

It is indeed all about the other person, in this case. Via stories. Carnegie doesn't just dole out one piece of advice after another. With dictums to do this Awaken The Species Review and not that, etc. No, Carnegie works the reader as "the other person". He knows you don't want to read a list of rules, suggestions and guidelines. So what does he do? He tells stories. Many many stories, involving some people you never heard of, and some people you definitely have heard of. Such as Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt, Charles Dickens, j.P. Morgan, and others. Each story serves as a cautionary tale of right and wrong. Of errors in judgment, as well as sound choices made by those who achieved success.I must preface this review by letting you know that Brian Tracy is my favorite non-fiction author. I have read just about everything he has written. I tell you this only to say that in reviewing this book I do have an affinity for the author and his work, so if I sound biased you know why.