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which is a corneal topography instrument that identifies the changes in corneal surface curvature and the severity of the astigmatism.Since eyeglasses are the Igenics Review easiest way to correct astigmatism, they are the most commonly utilized resource. Here's the problem: they only correct your astigmatism if you wear them all the time! So, if your doctor instructs you to wear your eyeglasses all the time, you should do so. Failing to wear corrective eye eyeglasses with astigmatism could be dangerous - so listen to your doctor's advice!Something funny happens around age 40 - your body starts to deteriorate and shift. OK, it may not be funny but it's important to recognize before you reach the age where you're considered "over the hill"! Yet, as your body starts wearing down, so do your eyes. Have you noticed if you are suddenly unable to see or read things up close? Perhaps you're squinting more when reading a book? If this sounds familiar, high-tail yourself to your eye doctor for a new eye exam. This is probably a good time to start thinking about getting yourself a pair of reading eyeglasses.