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Vision 20 20 Protocol

oleh willam princy (2019-04-26)

There is a lens, located behind your iris (the colored part of your eye), known Vision 20 20 Protocol Review as the crystalline lens. This lens has been doing a fantastic job of focusing from near to far and back, for a great portion of your life. The lens continues to grow throughout your life and its growth pattern, much like that of an onion, grows new layers over the old ones. This causes the lens to become thicker and denser over time and eventually will grow thick enough that the ciliary muscle is unable to change the shape of the lens the amount required in order to focus on near-point objects.

Early signs of presbyopia: Your eyes may become tired after a long period of close work. You may notice that when you read, the print becomes blurry and it is hard to focus to make it clear. You may have difficulty shifting your focus from near to far - when you look up from reading, your distance vision may stay blurred for several seconds or even minutes before it clears. You may even start to fall asleep when you try to read for any length of time. These symptoms worsen later in the day or when you are tired. They can be reduced somewhat by using good lighting for reading and other close work.