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Curso Maestro Reiki Pdf

oleh rohini matthew (2019-04-30)

Immediately I jump to the Extended Triangle posture: feet spread, arms outstretched like airplane wings and I am now bending to my right until the hand on the end of Curso Maestro Reiki Pdf Revision my straight right arm rests behind my heel. My left arm is reaching above my head and I stare at it. I must meet the position, that is, maintain the position until yoga and I are one. 'Yoga' means 'to unite'. Nothing exists no thing exists. The universe is empty of 'selfness'thingness'. In a void of dynamic change filled only with relationship, momentary position is everything I do not look I see the Great Void, through which Brahman creates itself as numerous aspects of mundane fingers pointing to the divine. Existence is transcendently integrated because each aspect transcends itself to become the whole, and the whole's virtue to become itself is present in each aspect. In the end, the mundane and the divine are one.