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Verutumrx Review

oleh Nishish Sandy (2019-04-30)

Shaving with an upward stroke on the moustache and chin areas is something that many straight razor shavers do, Verutumrx though it is recommended that you should only start doing this if you really need to, and only once you have become confident in using the straight razor.When you have finished both passes on your skin, clean your razor by running some cold water on the blade and using a kitchen towel to remove all moisture from the razor. You can pick the razor up and blow any excess water through the gap in the scales as well.
If you obtain any nicks or cuts during the course of the straight razor shave, put down the razor, clean the nicked area with a little water, and apply gently pressure with the styptic pencil directly on the cut. There will be a stinging sensation that will pass very quickly, and after a few moments the cut will stop bleeding allowing you to complete the rest of your shave.
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