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Uncompromised Life

oleh rohini matthew (2019-05-04)

The New Testament Jesus character was an invention by the Roman Empire to form the new Christian religion in 325 AD at the Council of Nicaea. The Uncompromised Life ReviewJesus biography.Prophesised Messiah, Christmas day virgin birth, grows up a humble preacher, then causes a political stir, gets crucified and rises again from the dead.etc had been around years before.Evidence shows that many mythological characters, mainly based around the Mediterranean area; all having this biography was used in the pre-Christian Gnostic religion. For example Dionysus of Greece 625 BC had the same biography, and like his later and also made up counterpart, Jesus, was known as a saviour, 'the light' and 'the way.'My point to this is if the people at large found out that the Jesus character never existed then it would follow on that there's no judgement day; no such place as Hell.The pre-Christian Gnostic religion like many other ancient cultures worldwide with their spiritual practices all recognised reincarnation. This means if reincarnation exists, people finding out through various spiritual practices; deep meditation, astral projection, and near-death experiences.that they've lived lifetime over lifetime then both Heaven and Hell doesn't exist because they would have gone there by now!