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Uncompromised Life

oleh rohini matthew (2019-05-08)

The best favor that any of us can do for our long-term future is to practice the art of humility in our personal, professional, and financial lives. Uncompromised Life Review Learn to respect and appreciate the thoughts and contributions of other people. Seek their counsel before making major decisions. Approach all situations from the perspective of finding what you can learn. See setbacks and roadblocks as an opportunity for you to grow stronger in preparation for a greater future. Seek your fortunes by following the steady path to wealth. Turn away from the 'get rich quick' schemes that grip so many people. Seek the path of wisdom and understanding in all that you do.Have you never seen someone gripped in anger, twisted in bitterness, regret & resentment.years drowning in self punishment? Or someone else's or maybe your own stubborn unwillingness to compromise, a plain refusal of seeing the other person's pain, hurt & need for support.lose pride & say sorry.Better to save face, blame the other one, cut them out of your life & plainly refuse to acknowledge their existence & move on. Ring any bells with anyone reading this?