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Uncompromised Life Review

oleh willam princy (2019-05-10)

An acquaintance of mind thought about what I'd said and retorted; "You have Uncompromised Life found your way?" as if to ask; "have you found your way?" Well, this shades the original question, muffles the reality of the way of things, you see I said; "Make their own way" not "find their way". This is an issue of giving fish or teaching people to fish - because you cannot give your way to equality, you cannot help someone else or group against their will.

Still, my acquaintance states; "Make or find is all a matter of luck and circumstance," but I completely disagree with such arguments, as that has not been my experience. I say; Bull - you make your own luck - Luck is when preparedness meets opportunity. The notion that success is all about circumstance and luck is totally false - people make choices - you can choose to accept mediocrity or you can rise above it. Pity is a sick concept - it means one looks down upon others and then allows them to drown in their own sorrow while tossing them a cracker when they are hungry - the right thing to do is to kick them in the ass, raise expectations, give them encouragement and let them build strength of character.