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Gaias Protocol Review

oleh Nishish Sandy (2019-05-10)

In chronic pain, the repairs are never finished. It's like getting 50-75% of the way through rebuilding a home,Gaias Protocol but not being able to complete the job. The area often remains inflammed and chronic pain persists. Because the process of inflammation continues the pain doesn't go away.
Chronic pain is different than acute pain. Normally when we are injured, our body goes through a cycle which results in healing of the tissues that were injured. Once the area is healed the pain goes away. When the pain doesn't go away it means that our body is unable to heal the injury.
Not being able to heal is a sign of weaknesses or imbalances in our body's overall function. In order to relieve the chronic pain, we must address the issue of our body's overall healing ability. Chronic pain is really a type of chronic illness, a specific type of chronic illness. It is an illness of chronic inflammation and poor healing ability.
There are eight key factors which retard the body's overall healing ability and lead to chronic pain. Another is mechanical instability of joints resulting in ongoing tissue injury, inflammation and pain. The disruption of the nervous systems ability to signal the need for and to coordinate the body's healing response slows healing.
Another of the list of factors which retard the body's overall healing ability and lead to chronic pain is immune system dysfunction which in turn retards the body's healing response. Chemical imbalances in the diet can also cause a systemic pro-inflammatory state which prevents resolution of tissue healing and inflammation Nutritional deficiencies can retard the healing response when the body doesn't have the raw materials it needs to rebuild the injured tissues. Protein and vitamin C are key nutrients needed for tissue healing.