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Gaias Protocol

oleh willam princy (2019-05-10)

Summer in North America is full of summer sports, warm Gaias Protocol weather, a sense of renew and produce galore. Produce? Not Ice Cream, Carmel Corn, Fair Food with deep fried everything? Wow, Produce. Coming from one that has vegetable gardens, fruit trees, and fruit bushes one would think that summer means good local foods. Why is it, the Cookie wins? Is it lack of will power? Let's face it junk food is a real addiction lead by the sugar that has a deep hold on too many people. Yes, including me.

Midwest rural living has a different culture than metropolitan populations. I had enlisted the advice of a Certified Iridologist a couple of years back. One of the bigger problems she wanted to treat was my gut because your gut is where your immune system does its best thing which is eliminating waste that our bodies should not contain. Another factor was getting my body from acidic to alkaline. This is not easily done when daily sugared food reins. In 2013 I eliminated sugar for eight months. Although weight loss was minimal at best, I did feel better. For five months I also eliminated gluten. The weight came off easily. In our house the "he cooks" and the "she cleans" was a struggle for the new food choices.