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oleh rohini matthew (2019-05-13)

GI and GL values are usually expressed in terms of a single food/ingredient, but the numbers that are most important are the ones that apply to your whole meal. When Fat Extinguisher Review dealing with glycemic index values, eating a high GI food with a low GI food will make the GI of the total meal somewhere in between. If equal quantities of each food are consumed, the total should be right around the middle and if you eat a lot of the high GI food and a little of the low GI food, then the GI total for the meal will still be high.When looking at Glycemic load, the total meal numbers don't end up being an average as with GI values and they are cumulative instead. This is because the GL value is a measure of how much impact there is on your insulin level as a result of the foods you eat at a given time. If you eat a certain amount of food and that food causes you insulin level to rise, eating additional food, even if it has a low GI value, will not cause your body to release less insulin, and it will instead add to the total glycemic load.