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A student will sometimes repeat words or pieces of text. This could mean that he's having difficulty understanding the meaning or is questioning his reading ability. Listening to his retelling will help you determine how his repetitions are affecting his comprehension.
Reversal is when the student reverses the order of the words or the letters in one word, such as reading saw for was. Reversals are more common with high-frequency words and could indicate that the student needs help to slow down and focus while reading.
There are several different types of substitutions listed by custom writing service. If your student substitutes a word of the same meaning, such as bunny for rabbit, it is a high-quality miscue because it does not affect comprehension and usually demonstrates an understanding of the text and contextual clues. Sometimes substitutions are a result of dialect differences. Your student could also substitute a non-word for a word in the text. This indicates possible difficulties in decoding or trouble understanding the given word.
Each type of miscue offers insight into the way your student reads and understands what he is reading. By understanding his miscues, you will be able to construct more effective reading lessons.
Northwest Christian University
Located in beautiful Eugene, Ore., Northwest Christian University is an excellent school with a beautiful campus. The facilities are directly between the University of Oregon and downtown Eugene, which makes for a unique experience that combines campus life with city living. Eugene itself is a gem, known for its amazing arts scene and beautiful outdoor spaces.
George Fox University
George Fox University is a Christian institution with a rich history. As a student at this school, you get a terrific liberal arts education while maintaining your faith through weekly chapel sessions. The fellowship opportunities you receive are excellent, giving you an opportunity to grow in your relationship with God through your interactions with classmates, faculty and staff.


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